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Commercial Services

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Disinfection against Covid-19

In these unprecedented times and as part of the effort to help businesses impacted by COVID-19 and the more contagious OMICRON variant, CTC Maintenance is responding to the current global pandemic by offering a groundbreaking cleaning and sanitizing solution for businesses and facilities.  

La eliminación de graffiti

Graffiti Removal

Keep your facilities clean and looking their best with our service. We offer a non-toxic, water-soluble, biodegradable graffiti cleaning system that is easy on the environment and highly effective—giving cities, property managers, and building owners a powerful tool in the fight against graffiti.

La limpieza de un Canal de la lluvia

Gutter Cleaning

Ensure the free movement of water to the downpipe and prevent leaky roofs or water damage. 

Limpiando los pisos

Janitorial Services

Your workplace needs to be clean daily. Don't worry about it, we will be more than happy to help you with it.

productos de limpieza

Janitorial Supplies

Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your facilities is essential, worry not, we will provide you with what you may need to ensure it.

Voluntarios limpiando la naturaleza

Junk Removal

Our professionally trained staff is equipped and trained to properly and safely remove and dispose of the items you no longer want.

Limpiando los platos

Kitchen Cleaning

Do a deep cleaning of your kitchen and keep it spotless with the most thorough and efficient cleaning methods.

Light Bulb Replacement

Keep your spaces light up ensuring the best aspect of them. 

Aspirar el colchón

Mattress Cleaning

Offer a better night’s sleep with a mattress professionally cleaned and make it last longer staying fresh as the day you bought it.

Limpieza de la oficina

Move-out Cleaning

Do not worry for the cleaning, we are here to help you keep your spaces clean and spotless.

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Natural Stone Cleaning

Remove all the dirt that makes your facades look old and careless and bring them back the light it deserves with our cleaning process.

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